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Chodsko Folklore Festival

14. 8. 2014




Folk music, dance and literature

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The Chodsko Folk Festival, held since 1955, is one of the oldest folk festivals in the Czech Republic. Nowadays, it always takes place during the first weekend after the 10th August and is connected with the St. Laurence´s Fair. The major part of the programme is devoted to local folk music and folklore dance groups.

Locality Domažlice, Náměstí Míru
Time Annually in August
History Held since 1955
Organizer The municipality of Domažlice
Realisation team The municipality of Domažlice
Target group Tourists, craftsmen, artists, researchers
Cultural-historical criterion The festival is one of the oldest folk festivals in the Czech Republic. The tradition of the festival is closely related to specific regional folk culture as well as to the St. Laurent annual pilgrimage.
Ethnographic criterion The folklore festival with traditional fair is held in the centre of the Chodsko region. The major part of the festival is focused on local folk music and folklore dance groups. Furthermore, there are also traditional regional products such as the Chodsko ceramics, Chodsko cakes (traditional rounded cakes with various sweet fillings), or scenes from the history of the region, presented within the festival.
Environmental criterion The festival and its additional events follow the tradition of regional folk culture and history.
Psychological criterion Through the participation in the festival activities, regional identity, solidarity and tradition are strenghtened. Due to a large media campaign the festival has a transregional influence.

Photos by © Tereza Pojarová


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